On 2/3/19 5:26 PM, Darren Duncan wrote:
On 2019-02-02 7:22 PM, ToddAndMargo via perl6-users wrote:
I need to read a file into a buffer (NO CONVERSIONS!)
and then convert it to a string (again with no

I think you're making an impossible request.

Don't forget that I think everywhere on this list is
a bloody genius.

If preserving exact bytes is important, then you want to keep your data in a type that represents a sequence of bytes, such as Blob of Buf.  A Str represents a sequence of characters, which are NOT bytes, so if you're wanting to have a Str that is saying you don't care about the bytes.  Given what you keep saying, I'd say skip the Str and just use Buf or Blob etc full stop. -- Darren Duncan

Hi Darren,

for ( @$BinaryFile ) -> $Char { $StrFile ~= chr($Char); }

Does the trick, but it takes up to 15 seconds.  Way
too slow.

I have another post looking to see if any of the other
decodes will work.  So maybe...

My big issue is that the data I am looking through uses four
nuls in a row as a delimiter.  If these get dropped, I
won't be able to find anything.

Your idea about just skipping Str is along the line I have
also been thinking.  Brad has been helping me with "index" for
a Buf.  I haven't had a shot at trying his corrections to my
code yet.


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