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On 2020-01-15 14:18, Elizabeth Mattijsen wrote:
Thank you Richard for this long and thoughtful answer.

I have already given up on Todd, I'm glad to see others haven't (yet).  What will follow is probably a response that is either: a. everybody is against me, b. the Raku community won't listen, c. the various variations on those themes.  I sincerely hope that I'm wrong.


Hi Liz,

Richard has not liked me for a long time.
And I even like you too.  You help me with things
and you don't even like me.

ToddAndMargo, you may be in the wrong line of business.

Programming is only part of my business.  I am a
consultant to small business.  I do EVERYTHING, although
I draw the line at stringing wire.  Fortunately, I have
guys that will string wire for me.  I mainly spending
my time troubleshooting endless issues with Windows,
for which I would not have a job.

Programming a computer requires understanding the computer the way it is, not the way you would like it to be, and to make progress in that understanding you need to be able to understand what people are telling you.  The computer will not care whether you like it and it certainly neither likes nor dislikes you.  Succeeding in this endeavor requires that you replicate the computer's rigor within your mind; fuzziness in that understanding will result in failure.

Oh no fooling!  You have to be exact.  And also know when Raku
gets overly helpful (coerced)!

    prefix +^

    multi sub prefix:<+^>(Any --> Int:D)

    Integer bitwise negation operator: Coerces the argument
    to Int and does a bitwise negation on the result,
    assuming two's complement.

Yet when people demonstrate for you the required rigor you repeatedly take issue with their assistance or attribute an emotional bias to it. Liking or disliking someone has no bearing on their prowess as a programmer.

So when folks crap all over me, I am not allowed to complain
about it?  Have you ONCE caught me responding by calling
anyone names or implying they were incompetent?  The
worst I have said it that someone is acting the way they
do because they don't like me.

All that counts is that they understand the abstractions, and that is what people have been trying to help you with, but your comments suggest you see their assistance only through a like/dislike filter.  You're making this so difficult for yourself I think that programming is not a good choice of career for you.  Certainly you are not demonstrating how someone should behave in a community of developers to grow their skills while respecting the other members of the community.

Hi Peter,

No offense is intended.  I often see things differently
than others.  This does not mean I am dissing anyone.
If I do not understand something or I do not think
other understand me, I will continue to state my
case.  This is normal give and take.  And when I
am wrong, I will state such.

And, by the way, respect is a two way street.

I once had such remarks thrown at me on the Perl 5 group
for calling hashes Associative Arrays.  I like the term
because it wonderfully describes what is going on with
hashes. And if you read any of my other posts, you know my favorite variable is the hash. Luckily, I found an article
where Larry described why he chose the term hash.  That
quieted up the conversation, but no one apologized for all
the crap they threw at me beforehand.  Ya, I was a real idiot.


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