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Good morning.  I work for the US Army at one of their museums and we use 
pheromone pest control traps, especially for carpet beetles.  One of my staff 
was at a US Army museums course two weeks ago and was told by two conservators 
that all pheromone traps must be removed from all Army museums as they lure 
bugs in from outside with the pheromone - like through doors and windows.  They 
stated that it attracts more insects in to the buildings and makes it more 
difficult to control pests (we have these pheromone traps as well as ground 
traps near doors and windows to catch anything coming in - no carpet beetles in 
the floor traps but we do get a couple in the pheromone traps).  I have never 
heard of this happening before and wanted to check to see anyone has heard of 
this or knew approximately how far one of the pheromone traps "odor" went out 
from the trap.  I just can't see that one of these small traps can lure insects 
through doors and walls like the two conservators stated.  Any information you 
could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Scott A. Neel, PhD
Director / Curator
Fort Sill National Historic Landmark and Museum
US Army Fires Center of Excellence
372 Gannahl Road
Fort Sill, OK   73503
Office:  580-442-6570
Fax:  580-442-0552


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