Hoang Giang Bui <hgbk2...@gmail.com> writes:

> I do have an elasticity solver though. However it's an in-house code hence
> it's not very straight forward to unroll to make a PETSc example. The
> example can only read in the provided matrices and apply the
> preconditioner. However, I think in general standard PETSc example
> generates the linear system and solve it successively. In that way, ex77
> must be extended. What do you think?

I suggest SNES ex77 (versus writing a pure KSP example) because the
contact problem is nonlinear and your example might as well actually
solve a problem instead of just solving one linearized step.  That said,
VIRS isn't set up for general constraints using Lagrange multipliers, so
it might be trying to tackle too many problems at once.

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