Hi Murtuza,

The code change works, and I passed the patches through our pipeline and
everything is green.
Personally I would love this bug fixes to have refactored the function into
smaller chunk and made it more readable so that the next time someone need
to check out a problem in the same area it is easier. I understand that
without a good test coverage it is hard to have confidence while
refactoring, but we need to start somewhere.

Here is a video that I saw some time ago about refactoring existing code
and code complexity that is very interesting
In this video Sandi Metz does the Gilded Rose Kata in a talk in RailsConf
2014, and with it tries to demonstrate that code can be refactored and with
that it make the code much more simpler. But the journey is not always
simple and the complexity will increase before it get simpler. It is a good
example of something that we can try with our code.


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> Hi,
> PFA patch to fix the issue in Table node where wrong sql was generated
> while altering column.
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