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> Hi Murtuza,
> The code change works, and I passed the patches through our pipeline and
> everything is green.
> Personally I would love this bug fixes to have refactored the function
> into smaller chunk and made it more readable so that the next time someone
> need to check out a problem in the same area it is easier. I understand
> that without a good test coverage it is hard to have confidence while
> refactoring, but we need to start somewhere.

Are you planning to look into this Murtuza?

> @Hackers
> Here is a video that I saw some time ago about refactoring existing code
> and code complexity that is very interesting
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bZh5LMaSmE
> In this video Sandi Metz does the Gilded Rose Kata in a talk in RailsConf
> 2014, and with it tries to demonstrate that code can be refactored and with
> that it make the code much more simpler. But the journey is not always
> simple and the complexity will increase before it get simpler. It is a good
> example of something that we can try with our code.


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