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> > New builds are at https://developer.pgadmin.org/~dpage/v3.0-2/.
> >
> > These fix the Windows crash that Fahar found (which happened if the user
> > had a space in their usename), and fix password encryption/decryption
> under
> > Python 3.
> >
> > Apologies for the inconvenience again. I still hope to release tomorrow,
> > but let me know if that's not enough time and I can do Friday instead.
> I won't be able to create the Debian packages this week because I'm at
> pgconf.de.

No problem.

> > >> - This release removes dependencies on QtWebKit and/or QtWebEngine,
> and
> > >> uses the users default browser instead.
> This would need more testing anyway.

Should be pretty straightforward - in RPM terms it's a one-line change to
remove a "Requires" line from the spec file. Updates to the other
dependency packages will almost certainly take a lot more time

> > >> - Gnome 3.26 or above will require the TopIcons Plus extension to be
> > >> installed (or an equivalent). Ubuntu already seems to have this, per
> my
> > >> testing. Fedora does not.
> Hmm. This seems to be very desktop specific. What if the user isn't
> using Gnome at all?

>From my research, Gnome seems to be the only window manager where this is
an issue (it seems to be quite a controversial change). We will be working
on a better, more permanent solution in the future, however that's a lot of
effort, and not something we could hold up 3.0 for.


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