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> > > > >> - This release removes dependencies on QtWebKit and/or
> QtWebEngine,
> > > and
> > > > >> uses the users default browser instead.
> > >
> > > This would need more testing anyway.
> > >
> >
> > Should be pretty straightforward - in RPM terms it's a one-line change to
> > remove a "Requires" line from the spec file. Updates to the other
> > dependency packages will almost certainly take a lot more time
> > unfortunately.
> The python part is causing headaches - the move from flask-babel to
> flask-babelex is hurting because that's not available in Debian, and
> the move as such is controversial:
> https://github.com/mattupstate/flask-security/issues/715

Hmm, we had to update as flask_babel isn’t working with modern versions of

> At the moment this looks like a huge time sink to package.

Can flask_babelex be built as a private package and installed in the
pgAdmin web/ directory? That’s what Devrim does with a bunch of the dips
for the RPMs.

Another option which may be a lot easier in the long run would be to not
use the packaged python reps at all, and create a single dependency package
that is basically a Python virtual envy used just by pgAdmin. I know it’s
not ideal from a packaging purists perspective, but my view is that it’s
better the users have the tools they want than the packaging follows the
letter of the rule book.


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