Jochem van Dieten wrote:

Dave Page wrote:

So people - any more essential features? Shout now or forever hold your
peace (well, until the next release anyhoo)!!

Not essential, but I have some further requests:

query dialogue: button to explain analyze

Has been present in query window right from the start!

double click in tree: give user option to open property page, do nothing or view data

DblClk is usually "show properties". The tree interprets this as "open this node".

(Maybe as a plugin that uses pg_dump and pg_restore to reuse the existing functionality but has a clickety-click interface.)

I'd like good dump/restore support, but this needs tight backend integration.
Not realistic for this release.

Smarter use of connections
If I connect to a database cluster and the initial database is the same as the database I am working in, why would pgAdmin 3 require 2 different connections?

Will this do any harm? Handling will be much more complicated.

(On a related note; will the disconnect feature make it into the beta?)

This is to be decided. Do we need disconnect at all? If not, the menus should disappear.


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