Hi Andreas.

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> Hiroshi Saito wrote:
> >Hi Andreas.
> >
> >I am sorry that my response is dull...
> >
> >I thought how pgadmin3 should handle LargeObject.
> >There is the following three approach with pgsql-7.3 as the way of
> >it.
> >
> >
> Hiroshi,
> pgAdmin3 doesn't handle blobs at the moment, because it doesn't work
> with data a lot. If a selected column contains lo or bytea, the string
> output of libpq is shown. This might not be pretty looking, but
> interpretation of a blob is up to an application. I don't see a way to
> handle this in a meaningful way for the tools we have in pgAdmin3 at the
> moment.
> This might change if we support some dump/restore or load functionality,
> but this is a feature of forthcoming versions.

It was understood.
With the material which I enjoy.


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