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> Anything *not* in global (except pg_control), base, pg_tblspc,
> pg_xact/pg_clog, and pg_multixact are copied from the primary.
> For example, pg_stat is copied from the primary so these stats are
> preserved on a standby backup.

So if I have tablespaces outside of $PGDATA (but symlinked from within
pg_tblspc, of course), those will still be backed up from the standby,

Is it right to say that the files that would be copied from primary are
very small, typically? So it isn't a huge transfer over the WAN (in my

> pgBackRest uses all the same exclusions as pg_basebackup, so many
> dirs/files are not copied at all: pg_dynshmem, pg_notify, pg_replslot,
> pg_serial, pg_snapshots, pg_stat_tmp, pg_subtrans, etc.
> Full list here
> https://www.postgresql.org/docs/10/static/protocol-replication.html.
> >     it's best to archive from the primary so a replication
> >     failure does not affect your archiving.
> >
> > Understood, just not something I can change in production primary at the
> > moment. Hence looking to see about a quick one-off backup from standby.
> For a quick one-off, pg_basebackup is your friend.

One of the requirements of this backup is encryption, which I don't see any
notes for with pg_basebackup. Also due to the size, parallel workers.
pgBackRest gives me both of these. I need compression as well but that
pg_basebackup does do.

I did come up with a sort of Rube Goldberg-esque workaround for now
involving using a clone of the prod standby VM from Veeam backup to use as
the backup source (after stopping recovery and opening it as a standalone


Don Seiler

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