On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 12:39 PM, David Steele <da...@pgmasters.net> wrote:
> I read "open it for testing (or backups in this case)" as letting
> recovery complete and promoting the cluster to a master before taking
> the backup.
> Don, is that the case?  If it is, I think there's a problem with or
> without a timeline switch.  If you confirm the backup is being taken as
> above then I'll detail my concerns.

Note that this is just for creating a couple of one-off backups to restore
for our dev and pre-prod environments. Given that, I was going to open a
new clone as its own cluster and take backups from that. The data would be
the same though and suit purposes of the dev and pre-prod refreshes.

If I were taking backups for the purpose of production backups, I would not
do things this way. That is the eventual plan but right now we aren't ready
to make the changes necessary in the production environment.

Don Seiler

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