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Hi Adrian, thank you for the reply -

        #  select mid, jsonb_array_length(tiles) from words_moves where
        ERROR:  22023: cannot get array length of a scalar
        LOCATION:  jsonb_array_length, jsonfuncs.c:1579

        What am I doing wrong here please?

    Are you sure all the values in tiles are correctly formatted because
    when I use jsonb_array_length with the provided data:

    test=# select jsonb_array_length( '[{"col": 3, "row": 7, "value": 2,
    "letter": "С"}, {"col": 4, "row": 7, "value": 1, "letter": "О"},
    {"col": 5, "row": 7, "value": 2, "letter": "П"}, {"col": 6, "row":
    7, "value": 0, "letter": "Л"}, {"col": 7, "row": 7, "value": 3,
    "letter": "Я"}]');

I fill that table with the following stored function (please pardon the huge listing):

The little gray cells are not awake enough to work through the below:) If it where me I would first confirm there was malformed data by looking at the data itself. If there are not that many records for gid = 609 maybe a simple select of tiles would be sufficient. Otherwise maybe a simple plpgsql function that loops through the records applying jsonb_array_length and raising a notice on the error. In any case the point is to identify the presence of malformed data and if present the nature of the malformation. That would help reverse engineer any issues with below.

                 in_uid   integer,
                 in_gid   integer,
                 in_tiles jsonb
         ) RETURNS table (
                 out_uid  integer, -- the player to be notified
                 out_fcm  text,
                 out_apns text,
                 out_adm  text,
                 out_body text
         ) AS

Adrian Klaver

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