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    On 03/02/2018 06:42 AM, Alexander Farber wrote:

    2018-03-02 15:30:33.646 CET [16693] LOG:  duration: 0.058 ms  bind
    <unnamed>: SELECT out_uid  AS uid,  out_fcm  AS fcm,  out_apns AS
    apns, out_adm  AS adm,  out_body AS body  FROM
    words_play_game($1::int, $2::int, $3::jsonb)

    where is $3::jsonb coming from?

Java prepared statement I think, using setString.

I was thinking more about the ultimate source of the data. The words_play_game() function, AFAICT, just passes the jsonb from input into the word_moves table. If that is the case the problem may occur further upstream where the jsonb array is actually built.

Not at computer right now but what does:

'[1,2,3]'::text::jsonb result in compared to '[1,2,3]'::jsonb ?

Because the system think your array-looking string is actually just a scalar that happens to have a leading [ and a trailing ]

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