Is setting it as an environment variable an option?

Alternatively, a service file?


On April 13, 2018 2:43:01 PM EDT, David Gauthier <> 
>PG v9.5.2 on RHEL
>I like to use an alias to connect to my favorite DBs but don't like to
>enter passwords.  I used to just disable passwords (working behind a
>firewall), but this one is different.  I see nothing in the interactive
>connect string where I can enter the password...
>psql -h thehost -U memyselfi mydb
>Missing something like "-p mypassword"
>Is there a way I can stick the pw in the linux alias definition ?
>Just thinking something like this may be available since hardcoded
>passwords are supported in perl/dbi, pg driver
>Thanks !

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