El 15/04/18 a las 12:16, Raymond O'Donnell escribió:
> On 15/04/18 12:35, Ricardo Martin Gomez wrote:
>> Hello David,
>> I think so, the parameter you need in psql command is -w mipassword.
> Sorry, this is not correct. -w causes psql *never* to prompt for a
> password, and -W forces a password prompt. Neither allows the password
> to be passed as an argument - I don't think that this is possible with
> psql.

It is possible, you just have to construct the whole string:

psql "host=thehost dbname=mydatabase user=memyselfi password=mypassword"

Still, the best option, and the most secure, is to use a .pgpass file.
The psql invocation with it's password will very likely end in
.bash_history and alike.


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