Magnus Hagander <> writes:
> Here's another attempt at moving this one forward. Basically this adds a
> new GucSource being GUC_S_CLIENT_EARLY. It now runs through the parameters
> once before CheckMyDatabase, with source set to GUC_S_CLIENT_EARLY. In this
> source, *only* parameters that are flagged as GUC_ALLOW_EARLY will be set,
> any other parameters are ignored (without error). For now, only the
> ignore_connection_restriction is allowed at this stage. Then it runs
> CheckMyDatabase(), and after that it runs through all the parameters again,
> now with the GUC_S_CLIENT source as usual, which will now process all
> other  variables.

Ick.  This is an improvement over the other way of attacking the problem?
I do not think so.

                        regards, tom lane

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