Sergei Kornilov wrote:
> Hello, Ildar
> Thanks. I looked ATTACH PARTITION tests and found such checks. If no one is 
> against i will just use in my patch INFO level instead DEBUG1, similarly 
> ATTACH PARTITION code. Updated patch attached.
> Or i can rewrite tests to use DEBUG1 level.

You should be able to use an event trigger that raises a message when
table_rewrite is hit, to notify the test driver that a rewrite happens.

(If any DDL that causes a table rewrite fails to trigger the
table_rewrite event correctly, that is a bug.)

ISTM that depending on DEBUG messages is bad because debugging lines
added elsewhere will make your tests fail; and INFO is generally frowned
upon (I, for one, would frown upon an INFO message raised by ALTER
TABLE, for sure.) so let's not do that either.

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