> You should be able to use an event trigger that raises a message when
> table_rewrite is hit, to notify the test driver that a rewrite happens.
Here is no table rewrite, only verify. So here EventTriggerTableRewrite is not 
called. Or i missed something?

> ISTM that depending on DEBUG messages is bad because debugging lines
> added elsewhere will make your tests fail;
I agree and this is reason why i not used DEBUG message in tests as was 
proposed. I found INFO messages in tests and decided that this was an 
acceptable option year ago.

> and INFO is generally frowned upon (I, for one, would frown upon an INFO 
> message raised by ALTER
> TABLE, for sure.) so let's not do that either.
In this case we need remove INFO from ALTER TABLE ATTACH PARTITION code and 
tests. I think is a bad idea of using different rules for same stuff, right? 
Probably i can do this work too.

But it is necessary to decide how the test should look.

regards, Sergei

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