Sergei Kornilov <> writes:
>> ISTM that depending on DEBUG messages is bad because debugging lines
>> added elsewhere will make your tests fail;

> I agree and this is reason why i not used DEBUG message in tests as was 
> proposed. I found INFO messages in tests and decided that this was an 
> acceptable option year ago.

INFO is for user-facing messages, such as output from VACUUM VERBOSE,
where the user has specifically requested the output.  I do not think
this falls into that category.  Even if you persuade some committer
to commit it like that, there will be user pushback asking us to get
this noise out of their faces ... and then we'll have to find some
other way to test it.

Do you actually need test output proving that this code path was taken
rather than the default one?  Seems like looking at the code coverage
report might be enough.

> In this case we need remove INFO from ALTER TABLE ATTACH PARTITION code and 
> tests. I think is a bad idea of using different rules for same stuff, right? 
> Probably i can do this work too.

I did not see any INFO messages in a quick test of ALTER TABLE ATTACH
PARTITION, but if there are any lurking in there, they probably need
to be downgraded.

                        regards, tom lane

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