David Fetter wrote:

> We have some inconsistency here in that fewer table formats are
> supported, but I think asciidoc, etc., do this correctly via
> invocations like:
>    psql -P format=asciidoc -o foo.adoc -AtXc 'TABLE foo'

-A is equivalent to -P format=unaligned, so in the above
invocation, it cancels the effect of -P format=asciidoc.
Anyway -P format=name on the command line
is the same as "\pset format name" as a
metacommand, so it works for all formats.

Some formats (unaligned, html)  have corresponding
command-line options (-A, -H), and others don't.
In this patch, -C is used so that csv would be in the
category of formats that can be switched on with the simpler
invocation on the command line.
If we don't like that, we can leave out -C for future use
and let users write -P format=csv.
That's not the best choice from my POV though, as csv
is a primary choice to export tabular data.

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