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>         David Fetter wrote:
> > We have some inconsistency here in that fewer table formats are
> > supported, but I think asciidoc, etc., do this correctly via
> > invocations like:
> >
> >    psql -P format=asciidoc -o foo.adoc -AtXc 'TABLE foo'
> -A is equivalent to -P format=unaligned, so in the above
> invocation, it cancels the effect of -P format=asciidoc.
> Anyway -P format=name on the command line
> is the same as "\pset format name" as a
> metacommand, so it works for all formats.
> Some formats (unaligned, html)  have corresponding
> command-line options (-A, -H), and others don't.
> In this patch, -C is used so that csv would be in the
> category of formats that can be switched on with the simpler
> invocation on the command line.
> If we don't like that, we can leave out -C for future use
> and let users write -P format=csv.
> That's not the best choice from my POV though, as csv
> is a primary choice to export tabular data.

-C can be used for certificates or some similar. I like csv, but I am not
sure, so it is too important to get short option (the list of free chars
will be only shorter)



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