Hello, mark
I initialized a Django project and imported the Django REST Framework. Its 
github address is: https://github.com/PGPerfFarm/server-code
I created some model classes and also wrote scripts in the dbtools folder to 
import simulation data for development. I am hesitant to use admin or xadmin as 
the administrator's backend for the site (I prefer to use xadmin).

I also initialized the website's front-end application. Here is its address: 
I wrote the header component as shown:

I hope this effect can enhance the future user experience:).
This application uses vue.js and element-ui, but if you insist on using other 
js libraries or not using js, please let me know. I will empty this project and 
then rewrite it as you wish.

My next step is to determine the necessary api interface and the corresponding 
components of the front-end application. Then implement them one by one.
Finally, as you can see, I created an organization named PGPerfFarm on github 
without permission. I sent you an invitation letter, and after you join, I am 
willing to hand over the administrator of the organization to you.

Hongyuan Ma (cs_maleica...@163.com) 

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