Hello everyone,

> > I am mostly interested in anything that requires C/C++ implementation and
> > AlgoDS.
> >
> > For that reason I would love to work in any of the following (in that
> > order of preference):
> >
> >    1. Sorting algorithms benchmark and implementation
> >    2. Enhancing amcheck for all AMs
> >    3. TOAST'ing in slices
> >    4. Thrift datatype support
> >
> Having recently worked with Thrift, I recommend ... don't use Thrift. The
> library is awkward to work with, it isn't very source-compatible across
> versions.
> Consider protobuf instead.

Craig, I believe you probably did something wrong if you had to work
with some library directly. Actually you generate classes from text
description and just use them. I worked with Thrift some time ago, in
2015 [1]. I wouldn't call it awkward. Protobuf is fine too, but
unfortunately we don't have any Protobuf-related projects this time.
Also it's probably worth noticing that the GSoC project doesn't imply
using any existing libraries, only the binary format which is quite

Christos, I appreciate your interest in the Thrift-related project. You
should know however that we already have a student interested in it [2].
Feel free to apply for it as well but in this case be prepared for a
little competition.


Best regards,
Aleksander Alekseev

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