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> 13 марта 2018 г., в 19:03, Aleksander Alekseev <> 
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>> Do you have any project related insights as to what I should put in
>> there?
Christos, as far as I remember, good proposal must have schedule, 
implementation details and deliverables.
Also, it is good to show that you are capable of executing the project, like 
mentioning your previous project (no matter commercial, educational or pet 
projects), achievements etc.
GSoC typically have 3 milestones, usually this milestones must have some viable 
There are exact dates, but here I'll put a sketch.
Algorithms. June - implement introsort and timsort, July - design benchmarks, 
implement some other hashtables, August - if benchmarks are successful, then 
propose patch to commitfest and review others patches from commitfest, else 
implement more algorithms.
amcheck. June - implement checks for Gin (like b-tree in b-tree, resembles 
existing amcheck), July - checks for Hash, BRIN and SP-GiST, August - RUM, 
patch, commitfest, reviews.

Best regards, Andrey Borodin.

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