* Aleksander Alekseev ( wrote:
> Craig, I believe you probably did something wrong if you had to work
> with some library directly. Actually you generate classes from text
> description and just use them. I worked with Thrift some time ago, in
> 2015 [1]. I wouldn't call it awkward. Protobuf is fine too, but
> unfortunately we don't have any Protobuf-related projects this time.

Just to be clear, the list on the wiki is just a set of suggestions-
students are welcome to propose their own projects as well.

> Also it's probably worth noticing that the GSoC project doesn't imply
> using any existing libraries, only the binary format which is quite
> stable.

A student proposal should really include information about what other
libraries, if any, are being considered for the project as that will
play into the consideration as to if it's something we would be
interested in including in PG or not.



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