For version 14, diffed against f1464c53804:

-Use majority values for proisstrict, provolatile, proparallel (patch 0006)
-Use valid C string for multi-char defaults containing a backslash (patch 0006)
-Apply Tom's patch for additional lookups, slightly modified by me
(, patch 0007)
-Apply Tom's patch for relation/rowtype OID macros (patch 0005)

On 4/6/18, Tom Lane <> wrote:
> Just had another thought about this business: if practical, we should
> remove the distinction between "descr" and "shdescr" and just use the
> former name in .dat files. knows which catalogs are shared,
> so it ought to be able to figure out where to route the descriptions.

Done (, patches 0001, 0003, 0009)

On 4/5/18, Tom Lane <> wrote:
> I think what would be ideal, both here and in some
> other places like AddDefaultValues, is to be able to finger the location
> of the bad tuple by filename and line number, but I have no idea whether
> it's practical to annotate the tuples with that while reading the .dat
> files.  Any thoughts?

Done (patch 0007). So far only lookup_oids() uses it.

-John Naylor

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