Hi Anastasia,

On 3/28/18 1:46 PM, David Steele wrote:
> On 2/27/18 8:54 PM, Michael Paquier wrote:
>> On Tue, Feb 27, 2018 at 05:52:20PM -0500, Tom Lane wrote:
>>> It already does treat SIGUSR1 as a log rotation request.  Apparently
>>> the point of this patch is that some people don't find that easy enough
>>> to use, which is fair, because finding out the collector's PID from
>>> outside isn't very easy.
>> True enough.  The syslogger does not show up in pg_stat_activity either,
>> so I think that being able to do so would help for this case.
> There does not seem to be any consensus on this patch so I'm marking it
> Waiting on Author for the time being.  At the end of the CF I'll mark it
> Returned with Feedback if there is no further activity.

I have marked this entry Returned with Feedback since there has been no
further activity and no opinions to the contrary.


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