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IOW, I think a fair response to this is "if you're using logrotate with
Postgres, you're doing it wrong".

Well, the original post says that this is how the PGDG RPMs are doing
it on Debian/Ubuntu.  I wonder if that's due to some Debian/Ubuntu
policy or just a preference on the part of whoever did the packaging
work.  Anyway it's a little hard to argue that the configuration is
insane when we're shipping it.

We, as in the core project, are not shipping it.

Well, yes we are at least from an external perception problem. The name says it all, PGDG RPMs. They are either the official PostgreSQL.Org RPMs or they aren't. If they aren't they shouldn't be called PGDG RPMs nor should they be available from yum.postgresql.org and apt.postgresql.org respectively.

Note: I am not advocating the removal of those packages. I am advocating that the core project of PostgreSQL.Org in fact does ship those packages and that is how people see it outside of our email silo.


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