> > I would suggest that the community consider whether postgres will log
> multidimensional data. That will weigh into the decision of  json vs.
> another format quite significantly. I am a fan of the json5 spec (
> https://json5.org/), though adoption of this is quite poor.
> What do you mean by multidimensional data? Arrays/maps?
> I think there is no advantage of multidimensional vs prefixed flat logging
> unless data structure gets really nastily nested.
> What case where you thinking of?

Exactly - arrays, maps, nested json objects. It's more organized and easier to 
reason about. As postgresql becomes more and more sophisticated over time, I 
see flat logging becoming more unwieldy. With tools like jq, reading and 
querying json on the command line is simple and user friendly, and using json 
for logging capture and aggregation is widely supporting and embraced.

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