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Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> In general I think I prefer machine readable formats to be produces by 
> the backend so they are available through all clients, not just psql.

What do you mean by "machine readable?"  XML?

> That said, this has sufficiently low impact that I'm not going to be 
> vastly upset if we let it through.
> I think we should probably confine ourselves to output formats that are 
> in very wide use or we'll be supporting a vast multitude. CSV and XML 
> both qualify here - not sure that ReST does.

It isn't ReST.  It just happens that this very simple and logical
progression of the border setting works for ReST.  The display stands
on its own.  This is not true of machine readable formats like XML.  I
guess the question is, why border 2? Border 1 seems to be enough.  In
fact border 0 has everything we absolutely need.  Why have any borders?

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