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>>> For committers.
>> Perhaps this discussions should be moved to the General list in order
>> to poll the userbase.
>> My .02 is that SHOW commands (even if they are not compatible) would
>> make it much easier for me to make an argument to my boss to at least
>> consider moving off another open source database. The show commands
>> are in *very* widespread use by the MySQL community even after ~5
>> years of having the i_s. The Drizzle team (a radical fork of MySQL)
>> very briefly considered removing the SHOW commands and the unanimous
>> objections that followed caused that idea to scrapped.
> That's for MySQL. I come from a DB2 background, and when I started using
> psql years ago, I often typed "LIST TABLES" without thinking much about it.
> I bet Oracle users coming to PostgreSQL will try "DESC". Not SHOW TABLES. As
> Simon listed, every DBMS out there has a different syntax for this.
> I have nothing against SHOW TABLES (it might cause conflicts in grammar
> though), but if we're going to cater to people migrating from MySQL, I feel
> we should cater to people migrating from other products too. But surely
> we're not going to implement 10 different syntaxes for the same thing! We
> could, however, give a hint in the syntax error in all those cases. That way
> we're not on the hook to maintain them forever, and we will be doing people
> a favor by introducing them to the backslash commands or information schema,
> which are more powerful.
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desc[ribe] also works in MySQL.

Perhaps describe would be a good option:
describe tables
describe table <table name> (or perhaps descrive <object>?)
describe schemas

Rob Wultsch

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