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> Excerpts from Anssi Kääriäinen's message of lun ene 17 12:41:25 -0300 2011:
>> While it is not possible to drop functions in extensions, it is possible 
>> to rename a function, and also to CREATE OR REPLACE a function in an 
>> extension. After renaming or CORing a function, it is possible to drop 
>> the function.
> Hmm, this seems a serious problem.  I imagine that what's going on is
> that the function cannot be dropped because the extension depends on it;
> but after the rename, the dependencies of the function are dropped and
> recreated, but the dependency that relates it to the extension is
> forgotten.

Well I'm not seeing that here:

~:5490=# drop function utils.lo_manage_d();
ERROR:  cannot drop function utils.lo_manage_d() because extension lo requires 
HINT:  You can drop extension lo instead.


        /* rename */
        namestrcpy(&(procForm->proname), newname);
        simple_heap_update(rel, &tup->t_self, tup);
        CatalogUpdateIndexes(rel, tup);

But here:


         * Create dependencies for the new function.  If we are updating an
         * existing function, first delete any existing pg_depend entries.
         * (However, since we are not changing ownership or permissions, the
         * shared dependencies do *not* need to change, and we leave them 
        if (is_update)
                deleteDependencyRecordsFor(ProcedureRelationId, retval);

        [ ... adding all dependencies back ... ]

        /* dependency on extension */
        if (create_extension)
                recordDependencyOn(&myself, &CreateExtensionAddress, 

Will investigate some more later.
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