On 01/18/2011 01:03 PM, Dimitri Fontaine wrote:
I'd appreciate a list of yet-to-fix items.  What I have is the
search_path issue where CREATE EXTENSION foo; can leave it changed for
the current session, I intend to fix that later today.

Other than that, I have no further already agreed on code fix to make.
What's your list?
There is only documentation fixes, and I am not sure if even those are agreed to be necessary. It might be good if the documentation contained:

- A warning that you need to have the files for your extensions readily available to be able to restore from a dump. This might be obvious, but better safe than sorry... - A warning that you will be restored to the extension's version if you ALTER or CREATE OR REPLACE a function.

From the current documentation, it is maybe too easy to miss these risks. I am seeing this from non-experienced user's angle, and thus see these as potential foot guns.

Other than that, I don't think there is anything more. I am a little nervous of restoring to extension's version of a function when the function has been CREATE OR REPLACEd, but that might be just me over thinking this. Also, from the previous posts, there is just the control file naming issue, and the issue of load order if two extensions contain similarly named and signatured functions. But these were agreed to be issues not needing any further work.

Now, I need help what to do next. Should I leave the status as Needs Review as the pg_dump part is almost completely non-reviewed? And then attach this thread as a comment? Or as a review?

 - Anssi

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