Anssi Kääriäinen <> writes:
> The only question here is should CREATE OR REPLACE be allowed. I just

Yes.  Think ALTER EXTENSION UPGRADE, the next patch in the series
(already proposed for this CF too).

> realized this could present a new problem. If I am not mistaken, when
> loading from dump, you suddenly get the extension's version back, not the
> one you defined in CREATE OR REPLACE. If this is the case, this should NOT
> be allowed. And by the same reasoning, ALTER FUNCTION [anything] should not
> be allowed either. Or at least then the function/(or any object for that
> matter) should be restored somehow from the backup, not from the extension
> files.

Well ideally those will get into extension's upgrade scripts, not be
typed interactively by superusers.  But I don't think we should limit
the capability of superusers to quickly fix a packaging mistake…

> I still haven't had the time to start pg_dump reviewing, so I haven't
> verified if this is really a problem. But I suspect so...

Both a problem when badly used and a good thing to have sometime, as in
the upgrade scripts :)
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