On 02/11/2011 05:05 AM, Tom Lane wrote:
Actually, I was having second thoughts about that while at dinner.  What
is the value of separating the bootstrap-an-extension-from-old-objects
operation into two steps?  It's certainly not convenient for users, and
I don't see that the intermediate state with an empty extension has any
redeeming social value for developers either.  (If you need such a thing,
just make an empty creation script.)

So: let's forget the concept of a special "null version" altogether, at
least from the user's-eye viewpoint.  Instead, the way to bootstrap from
loose objects is something like

        CREATE EXTENSION foo [ VERSION '1.0' ] [ FROM OLD ]
The above command assumes there is only one unpackaged version from which users might update from. Is that what is wanted? I am wondering if FROM OLD should be FROM OLD VERSION version (or better: FROM UNPACKAGED VERSION version). This would also solve how to name the old version(s). Author decides.

 - Anssi

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