Tom Lane <> writes:
> Or are you suggesting substituting for MODULE_PATHNAME during CREATE
> EXTENSION, and not during "make" at all?  That would work I guess.

That's my idea, sorry not having made it clear enough.  We have $libdir
which is expanded server-side AFAIUI, I though we would have $shlib
expanded the same way and taken from some backend variable like with

> I'm hesitant to have any substitutions that happen unconditionally,
> but we could add a control parameter like
>       module_pathname = '$libdir/hstore'
> and then things would be pretty clean.

Ok.  Maybe the simpler would be to make the current control variable a
static backend variable so that EXT_CONTROL(module_pathname) is easy to
find out from anywhere (I see you got rid of some direct usage of static
variables with recordDependencyOnCurrentExtension() already).

> I think we should still change the file naming conventions to use double
> dashes, though, since there's more than one reason to want that.  Will
> work on that next.


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