On 03/09/2011 09:36 PM, Gurjeet Singh wrote:
If we folded \ir into \i then what would you want `\i 1.sql` to do? Read 1.sql from $HOME or the one that is main.sql's sibling.

    Should stuff break when it has a legitimately accessible path in it
    just because that path is relative?

Given the above test case, I think it'd be best if we introduced a new command for this feature.

I agree there's a good case for the new feature. I think someone mentioned tab completion upthread, and that doesn't make so much sense to me. This only makes sense nested in a script - in fact if it's not called from inside an included script (via -f or \i) it should possibly error out (if it already does this I apologise - I haven't looked at the patch).



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