"Kevin Grittner" <kevin.gritt...@wicourts.gov> writes:
> In a green field I might argue for having an archvie_directory GUC
> instead of archive_command.  As it stands, it might be a really good

I would think we then would need both.  archive_command with parameters
offers both.

> idea to provide a pg_archiveto executable which takes as arguments a
> directory path and the arguments passed to the archive script.  With
> a little extra effort, the executable could check for some file
> which would specify what host and path should be writing archives
> there, to avoid problems with copied database directories
> accidentally writing to the same location as the source.
> Such an executable seems like minimal effort compared to the
> problems it would solve.
> If there's an existing tool with appropriate licensing which is
> sufficiently portable and reliable, all the better -- let's ship it
> and use that for our example archive_command.

I would like for it not to be an example, but a default value.
Something ready for production but with a very narrow use case.

Dimitri Fontaine
http://2ndQuadrant.fr     PostgreSQL : Expertise, Formation et Support

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