Hello all,

what I saw on PHP unconference told me that I should ask all again.

I feel lonely. Believe me it is a bad feeling when it seems that nobody has
interests in what you are doing.

Since 4 years I am PostgreSQL representative in SQL Standard committee.

Always, when I suggested to talk about my work in the SQL committee on community events, a committee rejected it. This just showed me that nobody really has interests
in my work.

I now learned that such a event committee not always is able to estimate interests correct.

The only two persons who sometimes support me are David F. and Peter.

The next ISO meeting will be soon - and of course there are lots of drafts that needs

I am not allowed to share the drafts in public. Because the drafts are confidential. But I am allowed to share the drafts with the group of ppl who are supporting me. Of course I am allowed to discuss the drafts with my folk before I will give my votes and comments.

Is there really only David and Peter who have interests?

I not really want to believe it.

Isn't it possible to create a closed mailing list - a list that won't get published - on which
I can discuss SQL Standard stuff with the folk who wants to support me?

I don't fear to make decisions on my own - but speaking for the whole project without
getting feedback - is a worse feeling.

Usually, when I feel unsure how I should decide I just bother Peter - but I would prefer
to have some more ppl in my background.


Susanne Ebrecht - 2ndQuadrant
PostgreSQL Development, 24x7 Support, Training and Services

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