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> Since 4 years I am PostgreSQL representative in SQL Standard committee.

With respect, I believe you are on the committee as you were an
employee of MySQL. We've had a number of discussions both online and
at one of the more recent developer meetings, and even approved
funding around having (if I remember correctly) Peter or Simon
represent us on the committee.

> Always, when I suggested to talk about my work in the SQL committee on
> community
> events, a committee rejected it. This just showed me that nobody really has
> interests
> in my work.
> I now learned that such a event committee not always is able to estimate
> interests correct.

An event committee is not approving talks because the work is
important to the community - they are approving talks that will be of
interest to the conference audience. In the case of PG Conference
Europe which I suspect you are alluding to there were a significant
number of talks submitted that would be of far more interest and
benefit to our primary audience of end users.

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