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> On 16.09.2011 14:47, Dave Page wrote:
>> My point remains - Sun were never in a position to say who represents
>> PostgreSQL.
> Dave,
> the procedure works different. The country representation ask for you.
> Because you represent your product on one side - but you also represent your
> country.
> For example ANSI offered Sun to send some experts.
> If BSI wants your expertise then they would ask you or your company (don't
> know how BSI works internally).
> Germany ask for my PostgreSQL expertise.
> Of course Peter always was and still is in my background.
> Finland just has no active group yet - afair Peter is working on that
> problem.

You're missing my point completely. You say you represent PostgreSQL
on the SQL Committee (or German working group, but that's not the
point), yet the PostgreSQL hackers didn't know that, and were making
other plans less than 2 years ago. For me, a representative would have
been reporting back to us after each meeting, and discussing points to
raise before each meeting - not working in isolation, without the
knowledge of others.

I'd be glad to see us have representation, but I do not believe we
have had any yet, and whatever you have done so far (which may or may
not be good for us) really doesn't count because it hasn't involved
the project in any way.

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