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So, generally speaking, what kinds of things are going to be brought
up at the ISO meeting?  Is this an opportunity to get postgres special
syntax drafted into the sql standard?

Yes and no.

You first need to convince your country and then - as country representative - you need to convince the other countries on ISO level.

You have country based sql standard groups in several countries. The well known groups are ANSI for USA,
BSI for UK, DIN for Germany, JTC for Japan and so on.

Inner the country you usually represent your own product.

Usually the country based group members are a mix of research folk (e.g. universities) and DB-System companies placed inner the country. Which experts they will let in and which not depends on the country based

It is good here to be in a smaller country - because the groups are smaller and you can get more of your ideas up to ISO.

All the country based groups together are ISO.

In ISO every country just has a single vote.
This means - even when your country suggested what you wanted then it could happen that there are enough countries against it so that your idea won't get into the standard.


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