Royce Ausburn <> wrote:
> As this is my first patch to postgresql, I'm expecting I've done
< something wrong.  Please if you want me to fix something up, or
> just go away please say so ;)  I appreciate that this is a trivial
> patch, and perhaps doesn't add value except for my very specific
> use case* feel free to ignore it =)
Thanks for offering this to the community.  I see you've already
gotten feedback on the patch, with a suggestion for a different
approach.  Don't let that discourage you -- very few patches get in
without needing to be modified based on review and feedback.
If you haven't already done so, please review this page and its
Of particular interest is the Developer FAQ:
You should also be aware of the development cycle, which (when not
in feature freeze for beta testing) involves alternating periods of
focused development and code review (the latter called CommitFests):
We are now in the midst of a CF, so it would be great if you could
join in that as a reviewer.  Newly submitted patches should be
submitted to the "open" CF:
You might want to consider what Tom said and submit a modified patch
for the next review cycle.

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