* Royce Ausburn (royce...@inomial.com) wrote:
> Just a question:  is the utility great enough to warrant me working further 
> on this?  I have no real desire to implement this particular feature -- I 
> simply saw an opportunity to cut my teeth on something easy.  I'd be happy to 
> find something on the TODO list instead if this feature isn't really 
> worthwhile.

Seeing as how it's already got one committer willing to consider it (and
that one tends to go the other direction on new features..), I'd
definitely say it's worthwhile.  That doesn't mean it's guaranteed to
get in, but I'd put the probability above 75% given that feedback.
That's pretty good overall. :)

> Tom's suggestion looks like it's less trivial that I can do just yet, but 
> I'll take a look and ask for help if I need it.

Don't let the notion of fiddling with the catalogs (system tables)
discourage you..  It's really not all *that* bad.  What you will need to
figure out (and which I don't recall offhand..) is if you can just
update those catalogs directly from VACUUM or if you need to go through
the statistics collecter (which involves a bit of UDP communication, but
hopefully we've abstracted that out enough that you won't have to deal
with it directly really..).

Looking at an existing example case where VACUUM is doing something that
updates the stat tables (such as under the 'ANALYZE' option) will help
out a lot, I'm sure.



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