Excerpts from Bruce Momjian's message of jue sep 29 09:56:09 -0300 2011:
> Thinking some more, I don't need to know the data directory while the
> server is down --- I already am starting it. pg_upgrade starts both old
> and new servers during its check phase, and it could look up the
> data_directory GUC variable and use that value when accessing files. 
> That would work for old and new servers.  However, I assume that is
> something we would not backpatch to 9.1.  

Why not?  We've supported separate data/config dirs for a long time now,
so it seems to me that pg_upgrade not coping with them is a bug.  If
pg_upgrade starts postmaster, it seems simple to grab the data_directory
setting, is it not?

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