On 09/29/2011 08:20 AM, Bruce Momjian wrote:
1  document the limitation and require users to use symlinks
2  add a --old/new-configdir parameter to pg_upgrade
3  have pg_upgrade find the real data dir by starting the server
4  add a flag to some tool to return the real data dir, and backpatch
5. (really 3a). Have pg_upgrade itself check the specified --XXX-datadir for postgresql.conf and use the data_directory setting therein using the same rules as followed by the server.

This would mean that there are no new options to pg_upgrade and that pg_upgrade operation would not change when postgresql.conf is in the data-directory. This would also make it consistent with PostgreSQL's notion of file-locations:

"If you wish to keep the configuration files elsewhere than the data directory, the postgres -D command-line option or PGDATA environment variable must point to the directory containing the configuration files, and the data_directory parameter must be set in postgresql.conf..."

So for backporting, it could just be considered a "bug fix" that aligns pg_upgrade's interpretation of datadir to that of the server.


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