On Sep29, 2011, at 13:49 , Simon Riggs wrote:
> This worries me slightly now though because the patch makes us PANIC
> in a place we didn't used to and once we do that we cannot restart the
> server at all. Are we sure we want that? It's certainly a great way to
> shake down errors in other code...

The patch only introduces a new PANIC condition during archive recovery,
though. Crash recovery is unaffected, except that we no longer create
restart points before we reach consistency.

Also, if we hit an invalid page reference after reaching consistency,
the cause is probably either a bug in our recovery code, or (quite unlikely)
a corrupted WAL that passed the CRC check. In both cases, the likelyhood
of data-corruption seems high, so PANICing seems like the right thing to do.

best regards,
Florian Pflug

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