On 07.10.2011 12:19, Fujii Masao wrote:

I found that by default WAL_DEBUG macro has been defined in
9.2dev and 9.1. I'm very surprised at this. Why does WAL_DEBUG
need to be defined by default? The performance overhead
introduced by WAL_DEBUG is really vanishingly low?

WAL_DEBUG was defined in the following commit:

     Support unlogged tables.

     The contents of an unlogged table are WAL-logged; thus, they are not
     available on standby servers and are truncated whenever the database
     system enters recovery.  Indexes on unlogged tables are also unlogged.
     Unlogged GiST indexes are not currently supported.

I'm pretty sure that change was included in the commit by accident.

That said, the overhead of WAL_DEBUG probably is insignificant, as long as you don't actually set wal_debug=on. I wonder if we should leave it enabled.

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