> +             /*
> +              * The backend writes WAL of FPW at checkpoint. However, The 
> backend do
> +              * not need to write WAL of FPW at checkpoint shutdown because 
> it
> +              * performs when startup finishes.
> +              */
> +             XLogReportParameters(REPORT_ON_BACKEND);
> I'm still unclear why that WAL doesn't need to be written at shutdown
> checkpoint.
> Anyway, the first sentence in the above comments is not right. Not a backend 
> but
> a bgwriter writes that WAL at checkpoint.
> The second also seems not to be right. It implies that a shutdown checkpoint 
> is
> performed only at end of startup. But it may be done when smart or fast 
> shutdown
> is requested.

I change to the following messages.

 * The bgwriter writes WAL of FPW at checkpoint. But does not at shutdown.
 * Because XLogReportParameters() is always called at the end of startup
 * process, it does not need to be called at shutdown.

In addition, I change macro name.



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NTT Software Corporation
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